Al Qaeda Calls For Attacks Inside United States

is “being led by the nose by” Putin. “So, if we wanted a transition with Assad, we just fired our last round, and we have taken our ability to negotiate a settlement from the White House, and we’ve sent it with Russia to the United Nations,” he told CNNs State of the Union. “That’s a dangerous place for us to be. Syrian Minister of National Reconciliation Ali Haidar this weekend called the deal a “victory” for Assad’s regime. However, it remains unclear whether Assad will sign the agreement, which requires the Middle East country to submit a full inventory of its stocks within the next week and hand over all of the components of its program by mid-2014. Still, the U.S. repeated Sunday that it could take military action should Assad fail to comply. “The threat of force is real, and the Assad regime and all those taking part need to understand that President Obama and the United States are committed to achieve this goal,” Kerry said in Jerusalem, where he briefed Israeli leaders on the agreement. Another uncertainty is whether U.S. troops will be part of what is expected to be a Russian-led international effort to remove the chemical weapons, considering the Obama administration has repeatedly said there will be no American boots on the ground. Obama said in an interview with ABC aired Sunday that he welcomes Putin’s involvement, considering he is among Assad’s closest allies. “I think there’s a way for Mr. Putin, despite me and him having a whole lot of differences, to play an important role,” Obama said. “So I welcome him being involved.I welcome him saying, ‘I will take responsibility for pushing my client, the Assad regime, to deal with these chemical weapons.’ ” Obama also said he’s taking a cautious approach to the allegiance but argued he has worked with Putin on other issues, despite their disagreements, pointing out that Putin has helped the United States transport supplies to its troops in Afghanistan. Under the framework agreement, international inspectors are to be on the ground in Syria by November. During that month, they are to complete their initial assessment and all mixing and filling equipment for chemical weapons is to be destroyed. Noncompliance by the Assad government or any other party would be referred to the 15-nation U.N. Security Council by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

The 2013 Junior World Team Open and Junior Olympic National Champion faced off with host nation boxer Ruslan Zabachuk of Ukraine in todays light bantamweight finale. Stevenson continued his run of dominating performances in the championship bout, sweeping all three judges cards to take light bantamweight gold with another unanimous decision win. The victory adds to an undefeated 2013 for Stevenson, who also won gold internationally at the Victory Day Tournament in Ukraine earlier this year. Gonzalez claimed the first spot in final round action for Team USA with a unanimous decision win over Kazahstans Serik Temirzhanov in their semifinal round contest in Saturdays action. As in Stevensons case, Gonzalez won four consecutive unanimous decisions to advance to final round action. Yet his winning streak ended there. The 15-year-old American fell by a 2-1 split decision to Irelands William Donoghue in the light flyweight semifinal round contest, giving him the silver medal. Team USAs two medal victories brings their medal total to 17 in Junior World Championships action and the international medal tally to 66 in 2013. The Junior World Championships is the first of three World Championship tournaments that Team USA will participate in over the next month. The top junior and youth females from the United States will compete in World Championships tournament for the first time, September 20-29 in Albena, Bulgaria with the elite men boxing in the 2013 AIBA Mens World Championships, October 11-27 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Coaches Edward Rivas (San Antonio, Texas), Willie Moses (Newark, N.J.), Keoni Adric, Sr.

EU demands answers from United States on financial spying

A dozen Saudis with visas attacked New York and Washington on Sept. 11, 2001. Two refugees from Russias Chechen conflict attacked Americans in Boston this spring. Yet last year, the State Department issued visas to more than 20,000 Saudis and 100,000 Russians without repetitive reviews by security committees. Witholding visas for Iraqi and Afghan interpreters does not make sense; our country is discriminating against those who have proven their loyalty and work ethic. The State Departments reputation is hurt by its discrimination. Many of us in the military who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan rarely saw U.S. diplomats out at the district and village level. The task of nation-building was foisted upon the military, which pitched in to aid our diplomats. Our soldiers never leave a comrade behind, but State is leaving the interpreters behind. The result is that generals proffer faint praise for State when testifying before Congress but in the hallways offer searing judgments to staffers.

The United States’ disservice to Afghan translators

limited access to data By Claire Davenport BRUSSELS, Sept 12 (Reuters) – The European Union demanded talks with the United States on Thursday to establish whether the intelligence service of its ally had been secretly drawing information from a global financial database in Belgium. The EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmstrom said in a Twitter posting she had spoken to U.S. counterparts and expressed strong concerns about tapping of financial data by U.S. intelligence authorities. “Following up with a letter today, requesting consultation under the TFTP agreement. We need clear, satisfactory answers,” she wrote. In the absence of such satisfactory answers, the EU could revoke an agreement that allows the United States to access information under its Terror Finance Tracking Programme (TFTP). This would be subject to approval by EU member states. According to leaked U.S. documents aired by Globo, Brazil’s biggest television network, the U.S. government has tapped into the computer networks of companies including Google Inc. , Brazilian state-run oil firm Petroleo Brasileiro SA and the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT). The European Union shares data from the database of SWIFT, which exchanges financial messages concerning transactions across the world, but it only does so with the United States Treasury, to help intercept possible terrorism plots. In 2010, the EU and the United States signed a formal agreement to limit how much of that data can be retrieved. Each side can terminate the agreement if there is a severe breach but only after mutual consultation to establish whether the terms of the agreement have been broken.

The United States’ Shakur Stevenson Wins Junior World Championships Gold in Ukraine as Danny Gonzalez Claims Silver

The Sept 11, 2001 attacks, in which hijacked airliners were flown into New York’s World Trade Center, the Pentagon in Washington and a Pennsylvania field, triggered a global fight against al Qaeda extremists and their affiliates. Almost 3,000 people were killed in the attacks. In his audio speech, Zawahri said Muslims should refuse to buy goods from America and its allies, as such spending only helped to fund U.S. military action in Muslim lands. He added that Muslims should abandon the U.S. dollar and replace it with the currency of nations that did not attack Muslims. Zawahri spoke approvingly of one of the worst attacks on U.S. soil since September 11, 2001, the bombing of the Boston Marathon in April, which U.S. authorities say was carried out by two ethnic Chechen Muslim brothers. The attack killed three people and injured 264. Zawahri sought to paint the bombing as part of al Qaeda’s violent transnational campaign of jihad or holy war against U.S. interests, even if it was relatively small-scale.