Red Is Theme Of Taylor Swift’s Engaging, Energetic Performance

Brenton is setting the record straight. As a Life and Style source reported on September 12, 2013, “he was with a group of about eight people at Bar Masa in NYC on Wednesday night. At one point, after dinner, I heard someone ask him about hanging out with Taylor at Soho House two nights ago in Toronto and he said, ‘I took one photo with the girl! I mean, we were hanging out all night, but now suddenly she’s my girlfriend!'” The insider also claimed that Brenton already has a girlfriend, and that he’d be bringing her out on the red carpet sometime soon. Taylor seems to be denying the dating rumors as well. The “22” singer and the “Blue Lagoon: Awakening” star met for the first time on September 9 at a private party hosted by Harvey Weinstein. As an Us Weekly source reported on September 13, “Taylor thinks all these rumors about her and Brenton Thwaites are completely ridiculous. Harvey Weinstein took Taylor to his table and sat her next to Brenton. They had a nice time talking but no numbers were exchanged. A photographer asked to take their picture and they said yes.” The source continued, “she did think he was nice, but how could you be dating someone when you only just met them five minutes earlier? They are definitely not dating.” Would Taylor and Brenton make a cute couple? Or are some people too eager for another Taylor Swift breakup song? Subscribe to the Taylor Swift Examiner page for continued updates on her latest projects! Suggested by the author

While Swift still appeals to the teen- and tween set, many of the 14,000 fans in sold-out PNC Arena on Friday have grown with her from adolescence to adulthood. The songs from Swifts current album, Red, which composed 11 songs of the 16-song set, reflect her maturity while still obsessing over romance, disappointment and the pursuit of dreams. T-Swizzle made the point early, entering to Guess Whos American Woman in lieu of Tom Pettys American Girl, which opened her 2011 Speak Now tour. The two-hour show was a theatrical tour de force. It featured dancers, drummers, acrobats, backup singers, costume and scene changes, deus ex machina delights, and a horseshoe stage extending into the audience, allowing Swift to connect intimately with her fans. From start to end, the six-time Grammy winner was brilliant, engaging, and in complete control. And without a single twerk, Taylor was, refreshingly, the anti-Miley. Red was the color of the night. Swift told her fans the color expresses her emotional extremes the crazy emotions symbolized by bright, burning red. She wore glittering red dresses and red sequined shoes, played a sparkling red guitar and performed to red-dressed fans immersed in the arenas red decor of the Hurricanes/Wolfpack team colors. As good as Swift gave, the audience gave back. One of the shows highlights featured home movies of Swift at various ages, from toddler to now, that led into the anthemic 22. As the crowd sang along, Swift was carried to the back of the arena. There, she performed a four-song set, including a duet with talented opening act Ed Sheeran on Everything Has Changed, a track from the Red album. A caged platform ferried her above the crowd back to the front, as she performed Sparks Fly. During I Knew You Were Trouble, Swift was accompanied by masked, black-clad dancers with choreography that would have made the late Bob Fosse proud. The concerts most intimate moment followed with All Too Well. Sitting alone at a (red) piano, Swift shared that she often writes in the wee hours, and she tries to write what she feels.

Taylor Swift, Metallica and Jimi Hendrix Keep Toronto’s Music Tradition Rocking

(It was simulcast on a number of stations in the U.S. and is up for variety-special directing at Saturdays Creative Arts Emmys.) Also read: Taylor Swift Mocks Kanye West VMA Incident in a Jam (Photo) Ron Howard also had his own music-focused film, Made in America, about a Philadelphia music festival produced by Jay-Z. One of the most ambitious music-related films is All Is by My Side, writer-director John Ridleys dark, jagged look at the year in which Jimi Hendrix went from playing backing guitar in small clubs to becoming the toast of London with the Jimi Hendrix Experience.Just as Hendrix himself was notoriously evasive and inarticulate when asked about his life and music, Ridleys film is determinedly vague, telling its story in flashes and bursts that focus on Linda Keith, the girlfriend of Keith Richards, who was so impressed by Hendrix that she took him to manager Chas Chandler, and to Kathy Etchingham, who became his girlfriend when he went to London. Ridley also wrote the festivals most acclaimed film, 12 Years a Slave, but this is a very different piece of history that glancingly touches on black experience but is more focused on the process of personal and artistic transformation. Also read: Amy Winehouses Father Disses Beyonce, Andre 3000s Back to Black Cover for Gatsby Actor and rapper Andre Benjamin, of Outkast fame, makes a convincing Hendrix in look, speech and manner; the trickier part comes when he plays guitar, because Hendrix was so inimitable that every attempt to capture his sound and style is pretty much destined to fail. A group of veteran rock session musicians, including guitarist Waddy Wachtel, try valiantly, but Jimi is Jimi. And because the Jimi Hendrix estate is fractured, difficult and notoriously resistant to any attempts to put the story on film, Ridley couldnt use any of the music Hendrix wrote. That gave him the unenviable task of charting an artistic progression only through soundalike versions of the cover songs Hendrix performed, which is essentially impossible. Still, the personal stories are what connect in this bold and impressionistic work. And I even give Ridley a pass after he violates one of my pet movie-music peeves, which is when characters put a record on a turntable and we see the needle drop on the first track but hear a different song from the album. That happens here with Bob Dylans Blonde on Blonde album but it goes with a scene where Hendrix first drops acid, so I completely forgive Ridley for skipping the real first track, the thuddingly obvious Rainy Day Women #12 and 35 (aka Everybody Must Get Stoned) in favor of the far cooler and weirder Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat. Hendrix also makes a couple of appearances in actor and comic Mike Myers directorial debut, Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon, a playful chronicle of and affectionate tribute to the rock manager best known for his decades-long stewardship of Alice Coopers career. Also read: Mike Myers Makes Directing Debut With Documentary Supermensch Its as if Brian Epstein, Marshall McLuhan and Mr. Magoo had a baby, explains Myers, not entirely helpfully, of the manager who came to known through Coopers carefully-calculated outrage and his own habit of wearing a t shirt with the indelible rock catchphrase No head, no backstage pass. Gordon comes across not just as a schemer and a playboy (though he clearly is both of those) but also a good guy, a moral businessman and a would-be family man, though hes had no children of his own. Myers is something of an ADD director accustomed to fast-paced comedy; hes constitutionally incapable of letting a sentence (or sometimes even a phrase) go by without illustrating it with old footage, recreations and the jokey use of pretty much any video he can find. The result is fast and funny and annoying, but the key to the film is that Gordon knows everybody and tells amazing stories, which range from hanging out at a Hollywood motel with Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison to taking joint custody of a cat with his next-door neighbor, Cary Grant.

The Men of Taylor Swift

Love is not going to be one of them,” she told the magazine for an interview in the November issue. That may explain the men she’s attracted, from John Mayer, 13 years her senior, to Conor Kennedy, four years her junior. “I just try to let love surprise me because you never know who you’re going to fall in love with. You never know who’s going to come into your life — and for me, when I picture the person I want to end up with, I don’t think about what their career is, or what they look like. I picture the feeling I get when I’m with them,” she told the June InStyle. Be warned, Styles: Swift’s breakups often become fodder for her music. Click through to see a list of Taylor Swift’s men. Robert Button/ WENN Conor Kennedy Styles isn’t the first younger man Swift has dated. This summer, the singer began dating Conor Kennedy, the son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the late Mary Kennedy, and their relationship quickly progressed. They were spotted around the Kennedy family home in Hyannis Port, Mass., throughout the summer kissing and spending time with his family. Their age difference generated headlines with reports that Swift “kidnapped” Kennedy after flying him from his Massachusetts boarding school to Nashville on her private jet. Swift told Rolling Stone, “You can’t kidnap a grown man!” Though Swift and Conor reportedly split in October, Swift has remained close to the Kennedy family, including Conor’s grandmother Ethel Kennedy, who called her “sensational inside and out.” Jason Kempin/Getty Images | Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage Jake Gyllenhaal Swift briefly dated actor Jake Gyllenhaal in 2010.

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