Russell Brand Booted From Gq Men Of The Year Awards Over Hugo Boss-nazi Link Jabs

Russell Brand’s views on the bedroom tax?

GQ Men of the Year Awards, Royal Opera House, London, Britain - 03 Sept 2013

By Ethan Sacks / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, September 5, 2013, 2:16 PM Comment David M. Benett/Getty Images If anyone knows a bit about history and fashion, you know it was Hugo Boss who made uniforms for the Nazis, Brand said. But they looked f—- amazing! Not everyone is amused by Russell Brand s humor. The British comic was booted from Tuesday nights GQ Men of the Year Awards after-party in London over a routine that slammed corporate sponsor Hugo Boss for its World War II-era ties to the Nazis. If anyone knows a bit about history and fashion, you know it was Hugo Boss, who made uniforms for the Nazis, Brand said of the German fashion house that paid $390,000 toward the event, according to Britains Daily Mirror. But they looked f—- amazing, let’s face it, while they were killing people on the basis of their religion and sexuality.” David M. Benett/Getty Images Russell Brand leaps from the stage at the GQ Men of the Year awards at Londons Royal Opera House Tuesday night, shortly after his routine slamming Hugo Boss for its Nazi ties. The 38-year-old Get Him to the Greek star, who took home an award at the event, punctuated his routine with some goosestepping. Brand was ejected from the party at the Royal Opera House shortly afterwards, Londons Sun reported. RELATED: RUSSELL BRAND JOKES ABOUT SEX WITH KATY PERRY IN STAND-UP SHOW Hugo Boss has in recent years tried to distance itself from its founding designers ties to Adolf Hitlers government as the official uniform supplier of Nazi forces. In 2011, the company publically expressed its profound regret to those who suffered harm or hardship at the factory run by Hugo Ferdinand Boss under National Socialist rule. David M. Benett/Getty Images Noel Gallagher, Rita Ora and Russell Brand arrive at the GQ Men of the Year awards at the Royal Opera House earlier in the evening. American actor Jeremy Piven, himself Jewish, poked fun at Brands antics when he presented an award later. This event is going on longer than my bar mitzvah and Ive been sitting in the corner sweating like a Hebrew slave, he said.

Russell Brand: Don’t blame Muslims

Russell Brand arrives at the GQ Men of the Year party on November 18, 2008, in Los Angeles.

Sunday 15 September 2013 16.00 EDT Russell Brand. On the front page, page 3, and now the letters page Photograph: Richard Young/Rex Russell Brand ( ‘Subsequent to my jokes, the evening took a peculiar turn’ , 14 September) has no reason to be coy about his Hugo Boss jest at the GQ awards. After all, the late Mr Boss did not just “flog uniforms to the Nazis”, as Russell observed, but, as reported in detail in Channel 4’s excellent documentary Hitler’s Rise (Part 1, Sunday 8 September), he was an early member of the Nazi party who personally designed the uniforms both of the Brownshirts and the SS. Carry on, Russell! Brian Pollitt Glasgow Russell Brand is the best thing since the sliced brown bread in plastic bags that my local Waitrose stocks on the bottom shelf, so that this fast-approaching 80-year-old has to crawl to see if there is a “Mixed Grain” hiding at the back. However, being a vegetarian, brown-bread-eating political activist means I can stagger upright again and shout: “Keep leaping, Russell.” Anna Cheetham Leicester Russell Brand on most of the front cover and all of page 3? After two decades as a Guardian reader, I am seriously considering switching allegiance. Matt Lewis Macclesfield, Cheshire It is good to see Mr Brand promoted from the back page of Sport to the front page of the main paper. I agree with him. He is no oracle. He does, however, reflect the views of a substantial number of sane, intelligent and decent people in this country. I look forward to reading his views on the pernicious bedroom tax. Kathleen O’Neill Hayling Island, Hampshire Sign up for the Guardian Today Our editors’ picks for the day’s top news and commentary delivered to your inbox each morning.

Noel Gallagher, Rita Ora and Russell Brand arrive at the GQ Men of the Year awards at the Royal Opera House earlier in the evening.

Police visited Chris Brown’s Hollywood Hills home on Monday after a call about an alleged domestic violence incident. Brown wasn’t home, according to KTLA. The Kardashian household was targeted on January 18. “Just got a call from my mom telling me about this prank call that someone was shot in their home & 15 swat team & 3 helicopters showed up!” Kim Kardashian tweeted . “These prank calls are NOT funny! People can get arrested for this! I hope they find out who is behind this. Its dangerous & not a joke!” On January 17, police visited Tom Cruise’s home after receiving a call that an armed robbery was in progress, according to a Beverly Hills Police Department press release . Like Brown, Cruise was not home when the police arrived. The Los Angeles Times reported in December that Charlie Sheen’s home was among the celebrity residences “swatted” in recent months. In October, Justin Bieber reportedly fell victim to a celebrity “swatting” prank. After searching his home, police determined that the call was a hoax. Days earlier, police were notified of an alleged home invasion robbery at Ashton Kutcher’s house via a teletext message rather than a 911 call, according to TMZ. Kutcher later tweeted, “Safe an sound at two and a half men.” TMZ reported that Miley Cyrus’ house was swarmed in August after police received a call about a possible home invasion. Of course, it turned out to be another false alarm.

Russell Brand victim of ‘swatting’ prank

tweeted. “These prank calls are NOT funny! People can get arrested for this! I hope they find out who is behind this. Its dangerous & not a joke!”‘ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ />

(CNN) — This week on The Big Three we say bye bye to Michele Bachmann; comedian Russell Brand joins us (naked, apparently) to talk about his column condemning group-blame in the wake of the brutal beheading of a British soldier; and Dean and Margaret offer their take on a commencement address for the Class of 2013. First, one of the most polarizing figures in American politics decided not to run for re-election this week. I think I heard church bells ringing in reaction. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was briefly an icon of the tea party movement and even pursued an ill-advised presidential campaign that resulted in numerous — and ongoing — ethics investigations. Bachmann used her 15 minutes of fame to divide and demagogue our national debates, routinely accusing opponents of being anti-American and parroting conspiracy theories from her congressional pulpit. Her frequently fact-free accusations made her a favorite on the far-right, but interestingly it is liberal Democrats like Dean who already think they’re going to miss her the most, while Margaret sees her departure as a win for reforming the Republican Party. Russell Brand is best known as a British comedian and TV/film star, who, in addition to co-starring in the upcoming animated film “Despicable Me 2,” is also a Solzhenitzyn-quoting, part-time essayist. In the wake of the barbaric beheading of a soldier in London, Brand wrote an essay in The Sun called “Blame this on madness…not Muslims.” Big Three podcasters John Avlon, Margaret Hoover, Dean Obeidallah Click here to hear podcast Dean was particularly touched by the effort to defend the Muslim community from the ugly passions stirred by group blame. Brand’s perspective is that mental illness is more at fault in the attack than the influence of radical Islam and that root causes must be analyzed, as well. While I agree with Brand’s assertion that we can’t let extremists determine the terms of debate for the rest of society, especially when their goal is to take us off center by inspiring further hate and distrust, I’m not convinced that taking troops out of Afghanistan would stop terrorism — and, unlike Brand, I think that evil exists. But it’s a lively, thoughtful conversation — especially considering that Brand informed us afterward that he conducted it naked looking in a mirror. Which is a sideways segue to commemorating the end of another college year. Yes, its commencement address season and already words of wisdom are being dispensed on college campuses across the country by the likes of Stephen Colbert, President Obama and Wolf Blitzer. The millennial generation is coming of age and we debate whether the “everybody gets a trophy” ethos (plus the uphill economic climb) has left them well prepared for life after college.

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